Our Vision

Your Dreams, Are Our Dreams.

The simplest of questions can change how we evaluate everything. I am sure most have heard this before, but if you stop and think about it, those next few words can hold much truth to how we are evaluated. The question you ask, is never Who we are as a company, but ‘What do you do for work?’

In those few moments, the truth of who Coxco Construction Group has already been evaluated by the simplest of questions. The truth is Coxco Construction Group, is a General Construction & Roofing company, already biologically as a homeowner your resistant.

Who is Coxco Construction Group

Founded by a married couple with deep rooted stories (in the industry) full of unexpectancy. Proven under the most challenging conditions, Coxco Construction Group is just like any other married couple, doggie parents, former college student-athletes, and first time homeowners, but building a marriage in an industry that has delivered durability & performance since 2014. The versatility of our tradesman-ship highly reflects our vision to provide the highest of quality allegiance to deliver robust roofing systems to homeowners.

Coxco Construction Group, is a general construction and roofing company, but professional roofers reflect our Craft. Our ingenuity alone allows us to appeal to property owners by being able to relate to values of our own. Inspired to help property owners, Coxco Construction Group provides roofing solutions devoted to improve your property through an array of high quality solutions to best fit your Roofing specification. Our aim is to give you stability as property owners & provide you reliability as professionals to deliver valued solutions with proven records on effective roof installation, Storm-Restoration, or exterior upgrades. The foundations rooted deep in the heart of Coxco Construction Group, resonates simply with our passion of valuing that we love what we do, hard to believe?

The intention or thought which exists of who you think Coxco Construction Group is now, depends upon how you ask the question. Coxco Construction Group, General Contractor & Roofing Company, or a Husband & Wife team with a passion to build value for homeowners.

5 Star

What Our Clients Say!

Amazing company by even more amazing owners! Quality work at affordable rates and they truly care for you and are grateful for the business! Highly recommend!
-Josh Fitzmaurice
This is a great Company. Marcus and Sam will make your experience so easy and trouble free. Give them a call. You won’t regret it
-Ken Hobble
Solid professional that does stellar work! Proud to know him!
-Joel Holden
Great company ran by great people! I highly recommend them for your home improvement needs!
-Samantha Willey Baumann