Let’s face it, no one wants to spend time thinking or worrying about their roof or roofing repairs.

Whether from hail damage, normal wear and tear or if you just want to update your homes curb appeal, we have an solution for you.

Coxco Construction Group has an entire department dedicated to storm restoration work to help with insurance claims.

Signs that you need to replace your roof:

  1. Hail / damaging wind storm occurred in your area.
  2. Shingle edges are curled.
  3. Shingle tabs are cupped or rolled.
  4. Granule loss leaving bald spots on the shingle tabs.
  5. Significant granule loss down gutters and granules piled on the ground.
  6. Roof is older than 20 years.
  7. Your neighbors homes were built at the same time as yours and are getting new roofs.
  8. Leaks inside the home, especially if previous repairs have been done.
5 Star

What Our Clients Say!

Amazing company by even more amazing owners! Quality work at affordable rates and they truly care for you and are grateful for the business! Highly recommend!
-Josh Fitzmaurice
This is a great Company. Marcus and Sam will make your experience so easy and trouble free. Give them a call. You won’t regret it
-Ken Hobble
Solid professional that does stellar work! Proud to know him!
-Joel Holden
Great company ran by great people! I highly recommend them for your home improvement needs!
-Samantha Willey Baumann