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Living in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, we know storms happen, it is just a matter of time. When you experience any size or duration of hail/wind as a homeowner you need to inspect the exterior of your home to see potential damages.

All too frequently we hear similar stories from homeowners:

  • Homeowners don’t file insurance claims in a timely manner and their claim is denied.
    • Quit looking at insurance as your friend – it is a service that you pay for!
  • Homeowners are afraid an insurance claim will increase their yearly premium.
    • Some of the biggest influences on your premium rate is your personal credit score and the weather history based on your ZIP code. Not your individual claim history.
  • Homeowners experience a storm, but aren’t sure if filing a claim is necessary.
    • Many roofers will slap anything up against a wall to see if it sticks. Coxco does not operate with this mentality. We tell you to file an insurance claim ONLY when it’s necessary. No obligation up front and we offer you a free inspection.

Here are some things to look for that make it a good idea to get your roof and property inspected by a roofing professional after a storm occurred:


Dents in Downspouts

When walking around your home do you notice dents in your gutter down spouts? Dents can be caused by hail, wind debris or fallen branches and are indications there could be additional damage to the exterior of your home. In a lot of instances, dented downspouts mean there is additional damage to your home’s roof and exterior.

Granular Loss at Downspouts

Have you noticed excessive granular pebbles piling up on the ground at the exit of your down spouts? These are most likely granules from your shingles flaking off due to debris or hail hitting and knocking those pebbles loose. Wear and tear or lower quality products can result in these coming loose resulting in a faulty product on your roof.

Shingles in Your Yard

Have you noticed torn or loose shingles laying in your yard or your neighbor’s yard? These shingles can be torn and blown off your roof during large wind storms or wind gusts. Just because you don’t see anything missing doesn’t mean it’s not from your roof. From the ground you are unable to see all roof facets, which is why you should call us for a free inspection.

Water Spots on Inside of Home

Have you noticed water spots on your ceiling? Areas to find them are typically near perimeter walls at the seam where your ceiling and walls meet. Check around your ceiling light fixtures or at the ceiling around your chimney. Just because you do not see a leak inside does NOT mean your roof was not damaged during the storm. Do NOT wait to see a leak inside to justify getting your roof inspected. Insurance companies love to find excuses to not extend coverage to your interior.

Lifted Shingles or Flashing

When walking around your home can you visually see lifted shingles or lifted flashing? Shingles are sealed and laid flat, if corners are lifted or tabs flipped over this is wind damage. If you can see a gap between your metal flashing and the shingles this is an opportunity for water intrusion inside your home

Did Your Neighbor Get a New Roof?

One of the best indications to get your roof inspected is if your neighbor’s roof has been replaced recently. Even though your neighbors home is getting a new roof, it is not guaranteed yours will. The further you get away from a “date of loss” or sudden peril such as a hail or wind storm, the more excuses your carrier will give to not extend coverage to your property.
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