Why Coxco is a Different Fence Contractor

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October 6, 2023


There are a variety of reasons why CoxCo Construction is a different fence contractor. Many of these reasons pertain to the supplies we use for our fence installations. Whether you need a fence repair or a new fence, CoxCo Construction is ready to help.

See why we are different below!

  • Heavy gauge metal posts
    • We buy our materials from top fence material suppliers in DFW. Other fence companies buy their materials from places like Home Depot which sell thinner gauge metal posts. Thinner metal = weaker metal. Strong posts withstand high wind speeds. It takes lesser wind speeds to damage, bend and loosen thinner metal posts. We buy heavy gauge metal posts from top suppliers in DFW that will withstand winds better over time.
  • Our posts are set 3ft into the ground
    • Many fence companies look for ways to lower their material costs to remain competitive in their pricing. One area to cut corners is buying shorter posts. This means their posts can only be set 2ft in the ground or sometimes less. Setting posts shallower in the ground makes them less durable. If you pair this cheap method of install with a thinner gauge metal post, it only exacerbates the problem. A solid built fence starts with a solid foundation. We set our posts 3 feet in the ground making our fences some of the strongest in the industry.
  • 2×4 rails
    • Another corner to cut by other fence contractors to keep their pricing competitive is to use 2×3 rails. Your rails span between posts. Your rails create stability between your posts and are what you nail your vertical fence pickets to. 2×3 rails may lower your fence cost but it comes at a significant reduction in stability and quality of your fence. We only use 2×4 rails which are a thicker material and are the most durable. We offer our rails in multiple species of wood including: Doug Fir, Pressure Treated Pine, and Cedar. 
  • Quantity of rails
    • The best method of cutting corners to lower costs of fencing is to reduce the amount of material used to build it. Other fence contractors use fewer rails when building their fences. This manages to cut their costs. However, this makes their fences significantly less durable. More rails = more stability. Our standard install method is x3 rails + kickboard for 6ft fences and x4 rails + kickboard for 8ft fences. Anything less than that is lowering the quality of your fence.
  • High PSI Maximizer concrete
    • Cheaper materials = lower costs for contractors. Other contractors use lower quality concrete to set their posts. They will also attempt to “over water” their concrete to make their bags last for more posts. Over watering and cheaper concrete will result in weaker concrete. We use 5,500 PSI Maximizer concrete. This is the strongest concrete used in the residential sector. We set our heavy gauge posts with the strongest concrete, period. This, paired with 3ft deep posts, offers the strongest and most durable fence you can buy.
  • Pre-stained wood versus stain-on-site
    • Coxco offers a pre-stained option for our customers. Materials that are pre-stained last longer. When you install raw wood and stain on site, the stain can only penetrate so deep into the wood. Weather, heat, and humidity can all affect the rate at which that wood can absorb the stain applied to it resulting in inconsistent stain application and shorter life spans. In addition, pickets will expand and contract with the weather. Following stain application, pickets can shrink exposing unstained wood, leaving an unsightly fence. By pre-staining the wood, our suppliers fully submerge the wood in large tanks in weather controlled environments. This allows the wood to be drenched in the stain and maximize the stain penetration resulting in longer lasting protection. When the wood expands and contracts with the seasons, there are no unstained areas of the wood exposed.
  • Western Red Cedar versus Japanese Cedar
    • Most fence contractors sell cedar fences and pass them off as the longest lasting and most durable fence material. However, did you know there are different versions of the cedar species and more importantly that not all of them are created equal in quality? Coxco offers Western Red Cedar, which is the longest lasting and most durable species of cedar on the market for fencing. Many suppliers started offering an alternate option at a lower cost called Japanese Cedar. Even though Japanese Cedar lasts longer than yellow pine or doug fir, it does not equal the quality of Western Red Cedar. Be careful, because many contractors fail to disclose the difference to their customers and just say “cedar fence” resulting in you paying the price for Western Red, but receiving a lower quality material. Other contractors may even tell you Western Red but give you the Japanese material without telling you. 

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